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Suriname, a small country in South America, can offer exciting and varied holidays for those who prefer peace and exercise. Traveling in South America will offer you many new experiences in terms of food, traditions and lifestyle.

The best things to see and do in Paramaribo are a mystery to most people and it is not even a place that many know. Several weekly markets open in the city early Sunday morning, each offering a unique insight into Parameribo's life. Nowadays, the bazaars are full of sellers selling their wares as their boats swing back and forth in the water.

Our guide Jan from Jenny's Tours took us to the Central Market, where six vendors sell a wide range of food. If you visit the market, we recommend asking permission before filming or photographing the people there. A few people who did not want to be filmed came with us to visit Central Market, but they were kind enough to send us their products.

There you can watch Brazilian dancers perform, perform some moves, taste fried bananas, enjoy the atmosphere and watch them perform.

If you like a nice quiet place and don't want to lose an arm or a leg, staying at Downtown Oasis is just right for you. There are so many outstanding things to see and do in Paramaribo that we cannot stop if we have not yet spoken about Souposo. If you enjoy the beautiful things in life, staying here is the best place for the 15 best things we have seen and done in Paramaribos. It is certainly a great place to get a taste of what a Surinamese breakfast looks like, and also a good place with good food and drinks.

If you want to enjoy an Indian feast, you can go to one of the most popular restaurants in Paramaribo, such as the Indian Restaurant. We can't do anything wrong with the fried bananas, the chutney and even the sweet and savoury curry.

The chutney is another reason why eating at Martin's House of Indian Food is one of the best things to see and do in Paramaribo. Add to that the delicious food and the fact that it is only a few minutes away and you have a city ripe for curious tourists to discover. The best thing we have seen and done in Parameribo is to visit Independence Square because of the architecture, the cool surroundings and all the birds.

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There are still many shops in Suriname that are worth visiting, but you may need more slots for your holiday Leave them if you need them. It is easy to negotiate and buy at a good price, haggling is not forbidden, but is common on the local market. It is worth buying clothes and jewellery from famous brands at attractive prices, even if the risk of buying counterfeit goods is very high. This city has an incredible number of souvenir shops that can be found in every major city in Suriname.

To head to the market town on Sunday morning, take a short detour to Independence Square. There you will find vendors in yellow tents selling various Chinese street food, including chicken, pork, beef, chicken and pork chops, fish and seafood. The production zone that reminds me of the damp markets I visited in Manila is the butcher. Located on the river, it offers its customers a good selection of fresh produce from local farms as well as fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world.

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You only have to choose one of the three supermarkets, visit one and then sit down in a cosy internet café. A separate entrance leads to another market, known as the Witches Market, where photography is prohibited. Continue to the Central Market and you will come to the meat hall on the left where you will slaughter fish and poultry and on the right where poultry is slaughtered.

If you love good food like I do, the food there is one of the best things to see and do in Paramaribo, and it helps make it a great place to forget. It tastes very tropical and the quiet amusement park around the area is a good place to escape the hustle and bustle of touring Lelydorp.

More About Paramaribo

More About Paramaribo