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If you have been to our website or YouTube channel, you will know that we love Indian food. We love to experience all the different flavors that our destination offers, and we love to experience them all. Food can be boring even for locals, especially if they could eat something completely different every day, depending on what they want.

There are many Javanese and Indonesian options on the menu, but we tried only one: Saoenah Market. At the buffet we recommend the tender and juicy chicken satay, which is different from the version we once ate in Thailand. The liver satay, bathed in a rich peanut sauce, makes it easy to try it alone, and then the rest is eaten as intended, like a piece of roti. For something more authentic Surinamese (whatever that means), try the rotis or try it on your own.

If you love sweet rice dishes, try ketan serundg, an Indonesian dessert that contains coconuts. Suriname is also known for its bojo cake, made with coconut and cassava, so try it alone or as part of a meal with some of the other dishes from the buffet.

Not everything on the menu is Surinamese, but there is a wide selection from all parts of the world, and you will find a strong street food culture steeped in a variety of spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables and spices. Palermitans love nose - up - tail eating and bitter pads Nachos also make a good beer snack before you know it. Since the ethnic groups in Suriname are so diverse and have strong identities, you will probably find dishes, snacks and drinks from different cultures with Surinese entanglements. You will also probably find dishes from other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

If you want to enjoy an Indian festival, you can go to one of the many restaurants in Suriname, such as the Indian restaurant in the city centre. If you want to enjoy the flavor of Javanese cuisine at Saoenah Market, we recommend you go to the Javanese restaurant on the other side of town or even to a local restaurant in another part of town.

From there you can taste a variety of dishes such as fried bananas, rice, beans, chicken, fish and even rice and beans. There are many destinations that offer many more dishes, but after all that we see, we have managed to taste some of the most important Surinamese dishes.

The chutney is another reason why eating at Martin's House of Indian Food is one of the best things to see and do in Paramaribo. If you only need one reason to visit Suriname, then it should be LIFE, because there are definitely more reasons why you will like to visit this country.

I hope you can enjoy the amazing Surinamese and Indian food at Martin's House of Indian Food in Paramaribo. During my visit, I managed to eat so many different kinds of food from different countries and cultures, while still considering Surinamese food. Join us on our journey to Brownsweg, Parameribo, and enjoy some of the best Suriname, Indian and Indonesian dishes you can taste at the Kwatta Sunday Market. Come and join us on our next visit to the Sur in the next few weeks and hope to enjoy a nice time with our friends, family and friends from around the world.

The chicken dishes I ate during my travels in Suriname were very different, but they all had one thing in common: they were all chickens. Grilled Indian flatbread stuffed with chicken masala, potatoes and vegetables and served with a filling of chicken meat, masalas and potatoes or vegetables, often served as roti. Chicken is one of the most popular dishes in the city of Paramaribo and is usually served in various ways, such as as as a side dish, appetizer or main course.

In Warung Spang Makandra we were given a boiled egg, boiled eggs, rice, chicken, potatoes and vegetables. We rolled it into a fluffy, spicy and nutty roti wrap that was delivered and served with boiled and potato eggs and a filling of chicken, masalas and potatoes or vegetables.

Other well-known dishes include cooked rice, salted meat, fried plantains, Mie Goreng, fried spicy meatballs, stuffed cabbage rolls and other dishes. Lebanese - influenced Surinamese dishes are the most popular and most popular in Suriname, especially in coastal regions. I strongly recommend to try the African Crunchy Pinda, a spicy, crispy, sweet and spicy dish. The Inameses and Indians "favourites include spicy chicken and rice soup, sweet potato soup and pork and cabbage soup.

European and Jewish settlers influenced by the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world, such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. Afro-Surinamese cuisine, which reflects the cooking techniques of West Africa, is used in a variety of dishes, especially in coastal regions and coastal cities. These include "popido estella" (chicken and rice soup) and "Mie Goreng," a spicy chicken soup. There are also a number of common meals brought to Suriname by Jewish settlers, such as baklava, sweet potato soup, pork and cabbage soup and potato salad.

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